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Following the cancellation of the 18th Irish Summer Folkfestival Berlin, due to have taken place at the Freilichtbühne Zitadelle Spandau on Friday 5th June 2020, i regret to announce the cancellation of this event also in 2021, due to have taken place at the same venue on Saturday 5th June 2021.

This is mainly due to unrealistic conditions set out by the management of „Kulturhaus Spandau“. As a professional cultural artist and event organizer I cannot work under such terms and conditions with anyone.

Regardless of how one may interpret announcements concerning The Irish Summer Folkfestival, especially on the Website of Kulturhaus Spandau:

“The Irish Summer Folkfestival Berlin” is very much alive and I look forward to presenting it at a future date when the health-risk factors improve and the audience can again enjoy themselves in a relaxed atmosphere at a suitable venue.

In the meantime stay safe and healthy.


Robbie Doyle

June 2022

Saturday, 10th of June 2022    16:00 

Entry 15:00

Konzerthalle St. Georg


16259 Bad Freienwalde